allure: to attract, to tempt; -ium: forming names of metallic elements


The Allurium is a learning haven and community dedicated to the Arts of Attraction, the Science of Seduction, and personal evolution. Our mission is to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and tricks to create a love life that's out of this world.

Allurians are taught a combination of modern psychology, quantum-level attraction techniques, and ancient, esoteric arts that enables them to move through life with supernatural levels of confidence and magnetism. As lessons are put into practice, lacklustre connections are transformed into fiery encounters. Roadmaps to deeply intimate and long-lasting bonds are revealed.

The Allurium is also home to The Blackbook, where you'll find free materials on love and sex, along with once-private musings from the vault of Allurium owner, Christine Fáelán.

We warmly welcome all genders, backgrounds, and orientations. Come as you are. Everything that you need is within, and we're confident that your unique strengths and superpowers will reveal themselves in time.





Christine Fáelán landed on this planet with just one mission - to learn and teach the art of effortless attraction, the electric magic of seduction, and the path to fulfilling and powerful love that never loses its spark.

While at University, course materials were repeatedly pushed aside, replaced by books on relationship psychology, physics, and personal transformation. Despite her best efforts to focus on her studies, her own experiences in the realms of Earth-bound romance repeatedly distracted her from her work, ultimately initiating her into love's greatest mysteries and hardest lessons.

Her quest eventually found her living inside of a small castle in England, in the middle of the Kentish countryside, where she become closely familiar with the dark side of relationships. Upon returning to Los Angeles, she began taking on attraction clients while studying quantum theory and the many ways that it can be applied to attraction. Fascinated by her findings, she began working (and living!) inside of a small, metaphysical shop for several months, studying the paranormal abilities of the individuals that worked there and giving readings on Friday afternoons, during which she combined her usual methods of attraction coaching with her emerging clairvoyant abilities.

After a lifetime of studying and experiencing love, lust, and the power of energy in its endless forms, from the most mundane to the most mysterious, she founded The Allurium in June of 2020. She is thrilled to finally share her knowledge with the world, while creating a much-needed community based on compassion, evolution, transformation, and the study of human connection.

Never settle for less than magical.


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