Private Lessons


Backed by science, with results that feel like magic...

During e-mail and phone lessons, you can explore a variety of topics, including:

  • How to stand out and catch anyone's attention online and offline

  • Quantum-level attraction

  • Effortless seduction

  • Irresistibly attractive date behaviour

  • The path to fulfilling and long-lasting commitments 

  • How to become a game-changer instead of a placeholder

  • Breakup navigation

  • How to get the person you really want, instead of settling

  • How to make anyone obsessed with you

  • How to create long-lasting sparks

  • Fantasy fulfilment 

All phone lessons last one hour. E-mail lessons are conducted over a series of three e-mail exchanges.

One-Hour Call/

Series of E-mails:



Inner Magnetism Activation is highly recommended for all initiates of the attraction arts and seduction sciences.

Each session includes a unique combination of personalised EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) and visualisation exercises that have been tested and designed specifically for The Allurium curriculum.

The aim of Inner Magnetism Activation is to free you from limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and binding energies that are preventing you from attracting otherworldly levels of passion, desire, lust, and love, while arming you with tools that will help you develop unshakable confidence and magnetic energy.

IMA sessions include one hour of EFT and meditation, after which you will receive an e-mail with visualisation exercises that have been designed specifically for you and your goals.

Inner Magnetism Activation:



Are you currently experiencing a situation during which you would benefit from having access to an instructor 24/7?

Whether you need assistance attracting or seducing a specific person, are attempting to get an ex back, or would simply enjoy a series of Allurian lessons via text, this is the perfect service for you.

Cleopatra-In-Your-Pocket gives you continuous text access to Christine Fáelán over the course of 2 weeks, during which you will be provided with answers to all of your questions, guidance through your current situation, and help mastering your attraction abilities.

Please note: Christine is currently based in California and conducting business according to PST hours.

Two Weeks:


To book a service, please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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