• Christine Fáelán

That Time I Successfully Enchanted Everyone Except My Crush

I stepped out of the bathtub, dripping with warm, rose-scented water, and prepared for the ritual. Smoke from jasmine incense wafted through the room as I cast a circle and lit the candles that I had earlier dressed with the appropriate herbs and oils from my small apothecary. My silk robe clung gently to my body, and I felt completely enveloped in everything that I was hoping to conjure - romance, desire, and sweet sensuality, all of which were mixed with a hint of fear. I was about to perform my first "official" spell. And it would change my life forever.

The goal of this ritual wasn't to manipulate someone else's energy so that they would fall obsessively in love with me, but to increase my own confidence and sex appeal to such a degree that I could experience more success in my romantic escapades and adventures. In other words, instead of going out and buying a sexier outfit, I was meditating and making offerings in exchange for sexier energy.

I don't believe in interfering with the will of others... at least, not when it comes to love or sex (*insert the sound of evil laughter here*). I don't want to be with someone who only wants me because I put a spell on them. Bewitching someone with high levels of confidence and radiant energy, on the other hand... that is a completely different story! Rituals like this can be especially helpful for those of us whose energy fields have been negatively affected by experiences such as abusive relationships, heartbreak, childhood traumas, bullying, etc. - individuals whose sense of self-worth and awareness of their powers as sensual, loving beings have been stifled or damaged at some point. It provides the practitioner with a bit of a boost, while they are hopefully doing the deeper work to ensure longer lasting results.

Back to the night of the ritual... By the time that I was finished, the room was full of an electric warmth, even though the windows were open and most of the ritual had consisted of sitting on the ground, quiet and still, inside of my cast circle. I went to bed, slightly skeptical, mildly anxious, and completely enchanted by the work that I had just done. It felt ancient, familiar, and comforting, as though I was reuniting with a part of my soul, a soul that had inhabited the bodies of witches and alchemists in past lives and different worlds.

As the title of this article implies, there was indeed someone that I was crushing on when I did this ritual. In the weeks that followed, he didn't contact me... not a peep. But absolutely everyone else did. My D.M.'s were being slid into like never before and if I dared to lock eyes with someone in real life, chaos would ensue. A guy who I accidentally made eye contact with while shopping at Nordstrom chased me out into the parking lot to ask me for my phone number. I stood there, a little bit stunned, in my baggy sweatpants, with pulled-back, unwashed hair and a makeup-free face, and gave him the digits. We had one, very brief conversation via text and then he called me every day for two weeks, despite me not answering once.

It wasn't as though people just started flirting with me more - it was as though, everywhere I went, people were developing straight-up obsessions. I was horrified... and excited. The intensity of the sudden influx of attention was overwhelming and the realisation of my power was exhilarating. It took me a while to realise that, in an attempt to avoid focusing the spell on any specific person, the ritual lacked a level of clarity that is needed in energy work to obtain results that you will actually be happy with. Given my natural inclination towards romance and love magic, I had accidentally turned myself into a walking love magnet during my very first spell.

I could write a book about all of the mystical madness that continued to ensue in the weeks following my first love spell and soon, I'll spill more stories from this period of time, but for now, I will leave you with the one message that hit me the hardest that month - magic, and the ability to create new realities with just the power of one's mind, is very, very real. May your thoughts be wise, beautiful, and clear.

As always,

Christine Fáelán