• Christine Fáelán

Transmuting Pain Into Power

Would you believe me if I told you that your pain was one of your greatest superpowers? Are you open to the idea that, on your darkest days and in the middle of your most heart-wrenching experiences, there exists a power for transformation that is far beyond what you normally have access to? Handled haphazardly, it can destroy you, but harnessed properly, this power will catapult you far beyond the next level - in your career, creative pursuits, social life, and, of course, in the magnificently mysterious realms of sex and love.

In this kind of simulation-style reality that we all seem to be living in, pain is unavoidable. To put it in cold terms, it's part of the game. Not only is it unavoidable, it can be seen as beautiful. Pain teaches us what truly matters and pulls the veil off of some of our deepest and most negative core beliefs that are holding us back from creating the lives that we truly desire. The pain that arises in our romantic connections is often the most challenging - hence the word, heartbreaking. After all, your strongest connections are also your strongest mirrors and, therefore, they are the some of the most intense means of waking you up to your fears and negative mindsets. You can brush off your emotions or numb yourself out all you want, but this only prolongs your pain in the end. To transmute your pain into power, you must first approach it with openness, thoughtfulness, and courage, rather than running away. And then prepare to see your simulation shape-shift into something wonderful...

Whether you find yourself in the midst of heartache, jealousy, anger, exasperation, loneliness, rejection, anxiety, regret, depression, or any other consuming emotion, you must identify what it is, exactly, about the situation that is triggering such an intense response. What's at the bottom of it all? This can be extraordinarily difficult, but this isn't your average self-help lesson - we're discussing the creation of superpowers! Become mindful of the emotion until its core is revealed. By this, I mean, summon the strength to sit with your emotions, observing them thoroughly and peeling back their layers until you uncover a fear or belief that seems to be at the middle of everything. It might look like one of these:

"I am not good enough."

"I am a bad person."

"I will never find love."

"I will be abandoned."

"I am unsafe."

"I am incompetent."

"I am unloveable."

"I am powerless."

"Abundance is impossible."

"There is not enough to go around."

The identification of one of these beliefs is half of the battle. Before unveiling your core belief, you were up against an opponent whose name you didn't know and whose weapons you were unfamiliar with. All that you could do was try to ward off their attacks, which often came at you in the form of extreme pain and confusion. Even when you tried to fight back, it may have seemed useless. Nights were spent desperately searching for solutions and hours were wasted in bouts of arguments, tears, and anger. Or perhaps, after being under attack by these invisible enemies for so long, it was easier to numb yourself with alcohol, drugs, or various forms of self-harm. But when you finally unveil these core beliefs, these assumed enemies, you'll discover that, amidst their weapons, they actually hold the cures to your pain and the keys to your power.

I am well aware that my words are on the verge of reading like a fantasy novel, so I'll share a practical example of unveiling an underlying belief from the vault of my personal experiences. Let's say that you follow someone on social media that triggers you whenever you see their posts. Their success, their aesthetic, their social activities, their relationships, the way that they immerse themselves in life - these are all things that you want for yourself. These are things that you deserve and would sell your soul for, and this person seems to attract and master them effortlessly! At first, you might feel the deep pangs of jealousy and annoyance. Eventually, you might ask, "Why them? Why not me?". Regardless of how mindful you are of your pain, you must take a moment to observe it and begin to question it. Everyone's progression of thoughts will be different, but here is an example of what it might look like:

"Everything that he/she does seems to be so effortless."

"He/she is living the life that I deserve to have."

"I want what he/she has, but I feel like it's out of reach for me."

"It takes so much effort for me to obtain even a tiny bit of success."

"I feel like I'm destined for failure, while others continue living amazing lives."

"I don't know how to make my life better."

"I am powerless."

And there it is - one of the core beliefs that is in the driver's seat of some of your most frustrating emotions. As I said earlier, by the time that you have arrived at this point, half of the battle has been won. The second half of the journey is where the magic really kicks in. One of the secrets of practical magic and personal alchemy is the concept of opposites. Within everything, living and non-living, there exists the potential of its opposite. And in order to transform into our most brilliant selves, we must employ the power that is created when we combine these opposing forces. Within the hands of your limiting belief, there exists the seed of its opposite truth. In the example above, that seed is: I am powerful.

As you move forward, you must cultivate that seed. As I hinted at above, it is not just an idea or wish - it's a truth. It's a fact! You are powerful. You are loveable. You are good enough. Whatever the opposite of the negative belief is, you have to shower it with attention and energy until it grows into something that takes root in your core and replaces the old belief. You can do this through meditation, affirmation, visualisation, ritual, or hypnotherapy. Whatever method you use, one of the keys to success is the realisation that your pain and its associated limiting beliefs are illusionary. Your limiting belief is something that you have created in your mind in reaction to exterior experiences. It only continues to exist because of the energy that you continue to feed it via thoughts and disempowered actions. To release your power - your truth - from the hands of a limiting belief, you must find a way to detach yourself and your emotions from the pain and negativity. You must be able to recognise it, without giving in to the fears and insecurities that it tries to evoke in you. And you must do this while simultaneously employing techniques that direct more attention, energy, and action towards your goals and to your higher states of love, joy, gratitude, and power - towards your higher self, your true self.

You can jumpstart this process with my Inner Magnetism Activation, which will provide you with tools that you can use for the rest of your life to uncover negative beliefs and energies that are holding you back, while releasing superpowers that will help you create a better reality.

There appears to be a lot of pain in this world these days. But this means that there is also an equal amount of love, opportunity, happiness, and abundance available to those who know how to transmute pain into power. In the realm of attraction, the second that we begin to feel hopeless, jaded, or desperate, it means that our negative core beliefs have taken over. But if you wish - if you dare - you can dig up those roots and build a forest that is full of the desire, connection, and intimacy that you've always wanted. May your days be full of beautiful transformation and courage.

Ginestho. Let it be so,

Christine Fáelán

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